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Preventive PCI after STEMI

This trial randomized patients with STEMI to undergo PCI only to the culprit artery, or to the culprit artery + any other with major stenosis. The primary outcome occurred significantly less in the culprit + other group (cardiac death, MI, … Continue reading

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Hospitalist vs cardiologist for CHF admits

This large cohort found in Medicare CHF patients, every 10% more they were cared for by hospitalists (by hospital), there was a slightly higher risk of death (risk ratio 1.03), but a decrease in LOS (0.09 days) and no difference … Continue reading

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Door to balloon time reducing, but no change in mortality

This large registry analysis found the mean time from door to balloon time in STEMIs have decreased from 83 to 67 minutes (from 2005 to 2009), but in-hospital mortality has remained unchanged (~5%) (abstract).

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Colchicine for incident pericarditis

This trial randomized patients with acute pericarditis to colchicine or placebo and found colchicine significantly improved rates of recurrence, hospitalization, and symptom persistence (abstract).

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Dabigatran not safe or effective with heart valves

This trial of patients with mechanical aortic or mitral heart valves randomized them to dabigatran or warfarin and found dabigatran was associated with higher risks of both thromboembolic and bleeding events (abstract).

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Reducing CHF admits

This survey-based analysis determined which hospital initiatives were associated with lower 30-day CHF readmission rates; they found the following 6 were the most high yield: partnering with community physicians, partnering with local hospitals, nurses doing medication reconciliation, arranging f/u before … Continue reading

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Prosthetic valve endocarditis; no benefit to early surgical intervention

In this large cohort of patients with prosthetic valve endocarditis, about half underwent surgical intervention, and half only medical therapy; there was no survival advantage in those that underwent surgical intervention (abstract).

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Statins and musculoskeletal complaints

This large retrospective cohort of patients compared musculoskeletal symptoms between statin users and non-users and found they were 19% higher in users, including a 13% higher risk of strains/sprains. These symptoms are not trivial and should be considered when starting … Continue reading

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No benefit to fluid/Na restriction in acute CHF

In this small single center trial, acute CHF patients were randomized to fluid and sodium restriction (800cc and 800mg/day, respectively) or to no restriction. There were no differences between the groups in weight loss or congestion scores during the hospital … Continue reading

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Machines better for CPR

This meta-analysis of 12 studies of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest found that machine-delivered CPR was associated with ~1.5 times the odds of return of spontaneous circulation compared to human CPR. This may also be true for in-hospital arrest but needs further … Continue reading

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