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ICU pressures increase transfers to the floor

This patient flow study found that as ICU “strain” increases (admissions, acuity, and census), patients are more likely to be transferred to the floor 6 hours earlier, and this increases the risk of ICU readmission by 1%; but there is … Continue reading

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No change in pressure ulcer incidence with turning Q2 or Q3-4 hours

This large trial of nursing home residents found those at risk for pressure ulcer development did not develop ulcers at different rates based on Q2, Q3, or Q4 hour turning. Although this was a short term trial, and was in … Continue reading

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Predicting drug seeking

This large cohort evaluated the difference between subjective (clinical impression) versus objective (4 opiate prescriptions from 4+ providers in 12 months) drug seeking behavior among ED patients. It found only fair agreement between the 2 criteria (kappa = 0.30), indicating … Continue reading

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“Boarding” better outside the ED

This small survey of patients who boarded in the ED or in an inpatient unit (in a hallway) found 85% preferred boarding in an inpatient unit versus in the ED (abstract).

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Rate of preventable death

This literature review found by using the Global Trigger Tool to estimate preventable death, there are somewhere between 210,000 and 400,000 cases a year in the US, which is 2-4 times the estimate from the IOM report (abstract).

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Surgical readmission rates in the US

This large Medicare cohort found the rate of 30 day readmits after selected major surgical procedures (CABG, lobectomy, AAA, colectomy, THA) was 13.1%. Higher volume, lower mortality, and higher compliance with quality process measures were all associated with lower readmission … Continue reading

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Continuity of care reduces readmissions

This large Medicare cohort found those with higher continuity of care indices had significantly lower 30 day readmissions (abstract).

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Time spent in activities for current day interns

This time motion study at 2 Baltimore hospitals found interns spend 12% of their time in direct patient care, 64% in indirect patient care, and 15% in educational activities. Mean time spent admitting a patient was only 17 minutes, and … Continue reading

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Predicting poor outcomes with rhabdomyolysis

This derivation and validation cohort found the risk of death / need for renal replacement therapy was highest with older age, female gender, high initial creatinine/CK/P/Ca, and low initial Hco3. The risk was also highest for those whose rhabdo was … Continue reading

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Hospitalist post-discharge clinics enhance access

This study of a single academic medical center post-discharge clinic found after the clinic was initiated, patients were seen on average 8 days earlier in the clinic, and were 40% more likely to be seen within a week of discharge … Continue reading

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