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Pre-op fall assessment

This cohort found patients age >65 undergoing elective colorectal or cardiac surgery who had a history of falls in the past 6 months had significantly higher 30 day rates of complications, readmissions, and need for institutionalization. Asking about a history … Continue reading

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Hypothermia not helpful in bacterial meningitis

This randomized trial found induced hypothermia was associated with higher mortality in patients with bacterial meningitis (compared to standard care) (abstract).

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Surgeon skill matters

This cohort of 20 surgeons were videotaped and rated on their skill performing laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. Lower skill ratings were associated with significantly longer operations, rates of reoperations and readmissions, and higher rates of complications and mortality (abstract).

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RSV in adults

This study compared morbidity and mortality in adults hospitalized with RSV or influenza and found overall length of stay and mortality were not significantly different between the 2 infections (with 30 day mortality at 9%) (abstract).

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Beta blockers may improve sepsis mortality

This small trial of 150 patients with sepsis and tachycardia found those randomized to an esmolol infusion (with heart rate goals 80-94) had significantly lower mortality than those in the control group (49% versus 81% at 28 days) (abstract).

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VTE rates not a good indicator of care quality

This large analysis of US hospitals found those with higher VTE prophylaxis rates were associated with higher VTE rates, and hospitals with higher VTE surveillance testing had higher VTE rates. Publicly reported VTE rates may be more reflective of VTE … Continue reading

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Gloves and Gown for all ICU patients?

This large trial randomized ICUs to gloves/gowns for all patients, or usual care, and found no difference in MRSA-VRE acquisition (abstract).

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Too many urine cultures

This single site retrospective analysis found 58% of patients with a urinary culture did not fit evidence based criteria to have the culture sent; reducing unnecessary testing is an opportunity to reduce hospital acquired UTI rates (abstract).

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MRI useful for new onset seizures

This cohort of patients with new onset seizures found epileptogenic foci in 28% of patients with true seizures (abstract).

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De-escalation of antibiotics in sepsis

This prospective analysis of sepsis patients found those that had antibiotics appropriately de-escalated had lower mortality than those that did not (OR 0.55) (abstract).

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