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Higher pay on weekends?

The hospitalist group for which I serve as medical director just voted to decrease weekday compensation and increase weekend and holiday compensation.  This will be budget neutral; that is the total compensation paid across all doctors over a year will be the unchanged, but those who work more weekends will earn more salary than those who work fewer. This issue doesn’t come up for many practices, such as (more…)

The new 7-day a week hospital: Doctor’s won’t be taking weekends off

John Nelson writes... Three articles caught my eye recently. The first is an editorial in the New York Times by Peter Orszag that is getting a lot of attention.  It is well worth reading, and part is devoted to making the case that hospitals should provide the same services (or nearly so) 7 days a week.  That means things like elective surgery and MRIs should be just as available on Saturday and Sunday as other days, and that hospitals should be staffed by essentially the same complement of doctors (and presumably other clinical staff) on weekends as on weekdays. Providing some balance is a pair of thoughtful and well written essays in the current Annals of Internal Medicine (here and here; subscription required).  They both provide a vivid (idealized?) and moving description of the way things used to be: doctors who were devoted to the needs of their patients above…

Now, it’s the academicians’ turn…

John Nelson writes... Prior SHM surveys of hospitalist compensation, productivity, and other metrics used the same survey for academic and non-academic practices, and lumped results from both into the same data set.  While for most metrics separate data was provided for each practice type, there was only one survey instrument and process. That has changed (more…)

How much money should a hospitalist make?

John Nelson writes... We now have access to the latest version of what in my opinion is clearly the best national source of data on hospitalist workload, compensation and other metrics:  MGMA’s Physician Compensation and Production Survey: 2010 Report Based on 2009 Data.  This September, SHM and MGMA will jointly release the State of Hospital Medicine: 2010 Report Based on 2009 Data. In “The Hospitalist” I provided a brief commentary on the trend in compensation, including my view of what is a ‘benchmark.’  Here I want to have another go at what I see as the confusion around the term.  (more…)


John Nelson writes . . . Recently one of our blog readers wrote in with the following question for our blogging team: Our small general IM group (3) is interested in starting a hospitalist group for our small community hospital (50bed) because neither our group or our family practice groups can recruit without one. There are no hospitals our size that have hospitalists. Where do we start? My blogging colleagues may have additional thoughts on this subject, but I’ll get the ball rolling with the following (more…)